TG HR Solutions

Selection Systems


Looking for the best of the best?

Selecting the best employees is crucial for having success as a company.  At TG HR Solutions LLC we create customized Selection Systems that relate to the vision and culture of your organization, as well as makes sure each individual has the correct skill set to do the job right.  We do this by looking at every aspect of the job and then creating interview questions and selection tests to help select the best candidates.  We also validate the measure to make sure there is a clear tie between the measure and the performance of employees.

  1. We identify key competencies for each job and create a custom selection system that will aid to hire top talent.
  2. We also conduct an organizational culture evaluation in order to determine the organizational fit required for candidates
  3. Once we gather all of the needed information to create a profile of the ‘ideal’ employee we then turn that into a selection system that will ensure that the correct candidate is hired.
  4. Once this system is created we validate each system through regression analysis to ensure that the measure is in fact measuring what we want it to.