TG HR Solutions

Job Analysis


Want to get organized?

Job descriptions are fundamental in organizations.  Having a solid job description can help dictate how to analyze how an employee is doing and what channels are necessary for selecting those employees.  At TG HR Solutions LLC we offer an extensive process called Job Analysis.  We take a look at the culture and vision of the company and make sure there is a clear tie to the vision and the jobs within the organization.  The job analysis can reveal what skills, knowledge, and abilities are needed to perform a certain job.

  1. We start with interviewing the management team that over sees a particular job.  This is to figure out what management expectations are.
  2. Job observations are next, this is to see what the elements of that job is.
  3. After all of our data is collected we then put together a job analysis report.
  4.  This report can be used as a basis for all of the analysis’s we offer.