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HR Evaluators


How can we help you?

TG HR Solutions LLC has a number of evaluators to help diagnose issues within an organization. Some of these include: The Culture Identifier, The Team Satisfaction Survey, and The Turnover Analysis.

1. The HR Challenge – This is a diagnostic tool to help determine what potential needs an organization might have.  This also provides out consultants with a starting point to identify organizational potential.

2. The Culture Identifier – This is a survey that was developed from research that was conducted over the past 30 years. We took all aspects of culture identification from the socialization process, to the language and history of the organization. We take the results of the evaluation and can create a culture vision and statement with the stake holders within the organization.

3. The Team Satisfaction Survey – This was a tool developed in 2011 that determines the level of satisfaction a team will have. This is based off of a theory called Core Team-Evaluations. Research has shown that team’s that are satisfied with a team’s make-up and have positive attitudes towards working in teams will yield higher performance outcomes. We can identify members in your organization who are meant to work in teams with this survey.

4. The Turnover Analysis – This analysis looks at all turn over data that can organization has and can determine what turnover trends are occurring within the organization. If no data exists we can gather that data for the organization by either setting up a data gathering process, or looking through other sets of relevant data and creating a turnover database. We can find possible causes of turnover through this analysis, and start to make appropriate changes to correct the issues.