TG HR Solutions

Our Consulting Process


Our Method for Success

We use an ongoing three step process for diagnosing and resolving HR problems

1. The first step is the diagnostic process, this too has three steps

(1.) We start with gathering as much background data that is available

(2.) We figure out how much data is needed to draw accurate trends

(3.) We shadow employees and management to gather the needed data

2. Second we put together a plan for improvement

(a.) Here we look at all possible solutions and then conduct a stakes analysis, identifying what areas of improvement will yield the greatest financial results

(b.) We then present all of the possible solutions and work with business leaders to determine the best plan of action

3. Third we implement the plan

This is when we get the organization ready for any change that might occur and then implement that change

4. Then re-evaluate

Here we look to see if the intervention was successful and then make continued adjustments to make sure that the best processes are continually being used